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Nice Shows
Judge Me Nottingham

On-Line Bookseller   Book title: Nice Shows Book title: Judge Me Nottingham
   Author: Joan Bartlett Author: Joan Bartlett
   ISBN number: 0-595-09703-0 ISBN number: 0-595-22035-5
   Published: June 2000 Published: March 2002
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iUniverse Publishing


Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Nice-Shows-Berriem-Skating-Mysteries/dp/0595097030/ http://www.amazon.com/Judge-Me-Nottingham-Ice-Skating-Mysteries/dp/0595220355/  
Barnes and Noble

Individuals can Order Online

The books may be ordered direct from the above "On-line Booksellers." Amazon say that they ship in about 2 days. Please click on the link which connects directly to their order desk.


You can also order the books by going directly to your favorite bookstore. They are currently not stocked in bookstores as my books are in the "Print on Demand" category. Please help the booksellers by providing the ISBN number, as well as the additional information listed above, if required.

  • Independent general bookstores.

  • Independent mystery bookstores.

  • Chain bookstores throughout the country.

  • Other bookstores.

Bookstores and Booksellers Can Place Individual or Bulk Orders

Booksellers, in turn may order the books from the "Standard book warehouse distributors" such as:

  • Baker & Taylor Company.

  • Ingrahm Company.

  • iUniverse Company (the publisher).


The "iUniverse Company" is the publisher of both books and is affiliated with Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Also, the books may be previewed via the "iUniverse" links listed in the above table. 

Signed copies are no longer available for interested readers as Joan passed away in January 2006.

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